Kings Village

Probably the most badass place ever. Here is where totally rad dudes go to chill and be awesome.

If you meet people there, especially the warrior types, you should automatically assume that they’re insanely badass, because its probably true. This is even more applicable if their name starts with the letter “R,” and/or they carry a bitching sword.

Known worldwide as a popular hangout for the best bodyguards in the world. Like seriously if you want a bodyguard you should come here, because nowhere else will you find bodyguards better than those in King’s Village.

Oh, and if you get blackmailed by a super sketchy dude into doing some work for him in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town, you should probably just hire one of the nearby bodyguards to kick the shit out of him, because he’s an asshole. And he probably wronged that bodyguard in the past, so the dude will probably just do the job for free.

Point of interests include:

- The Blacksmith, who is the latest in a long, proud line of total badass weapon and armorsmiths and will give you a bangin’ deal on some top-quality shit if he likes you.

- The Taverns, of which there are two. Both are awesome.

- The Stray Fucking Cats that will probably scare the shit out of you in one way or another.

- The Warehouses, but only because super sketchy assholes like to chill there.

- Spring Manor, which is actually about a day’s ride out of town. But it is probably the coolest place, and home to the coolest people, ever.

Kings Village

Corethandar Arikiba