Approximately two hundred and fifty years ago, a single whisper made its way through the everlasting world of Corethandar. It spoke of secrets and promises, that which should remain unspoken. For the whisper was a growing shadow, a taint upon the land. It seeded its way through all that was to be called good. Some could resist the whisper, merely shrugging off the vile sound, for the strong could not be corrupted. But where the strong prevailed, the weak succumbed. Slowly, the whisper began to grow, and it became a cry across the land: the cry of loved ones lost, the cry of pain and torture, the cry of fear. The whisper was no more, for it spoke of evil and darkness in a clear and terrible voice.

Be’lal, a demon of hell, revealed himself as the voice of darkness. He began to swallow the world whole. Shadowspawn and dark creatures flocked to his side, and he began a conquest of terror and despair.

As the shadow consumed the land and hope was all but lost, a resistance was formed, and those of the light took up arms against Be’lal and his minions. The resistance was made up mostly of men, for they had heard the voice of darkness clearer than the other races, and it had exacted a terrible toll on their civilization. Their intentions were true, however they were easily broken by Be’lal and his horde of evil. It became clear that the only hope for the light was if the races united and drove back the darkness together.

Urgency ran true, and a greater alliance was formed. Men, elves, dwarves, halflings, dragonborn, eladrin, and even the dragons banded together and Corethandar was consumed by a war of dark and light. The other races were wary of Tieflings for they had once opted for dark powers. As the war progressed, it was clear that some Tieflings defected to Be’lal and they were all but banished from the alliance regardless of their stance.

The war ravaged the land and tore apart families. It was the worst conflict anyone living could remember. Years passed and the war’s intensity increased with a fury that wracked the heavens and sent chills to the underworld. Cities crumpled, legacies were destroyed, and ancient traditions all but vanished. The war seemed to be amounting to a climax, a final battle. Both sides yearned for a close to the terrible conflict, for it had thus lasted one hundred years. They met with a clash that deafened the ground and sky, it seemed nothing else existed but two entities, dark and light, wreaking havoc on each other.

In the end, the alliance of light prevailed, and in the most gruesome battle the world has ever seen, they silenced the dark. All that was left of Be’lal’s forces was Be’lal himself, a behemoth of evil power. When engaged, Be’lal’s seductive voice tainted the hearts of the heroes of good and victory seemed lost as the voice of evil washed over the forces of light. It was only through the combined might of the elves and the dragons, who overcame the deadly whisper, that Be’lal was defeated. Although the dragons paid a deadly price, and they suffered devastating losses in the final battle.

With Be’lal’s forces scattered and the demon vanquished, peace finally made its way throughout Corethandar. Families were reunited, cities rebuilt, and the elves sang songs of healing to the wounded land.

However, the dragons were uneasy and doubted the other races. Because of the terrible damage that not only their kind suffered, but the world as they knew it, they devised a secret plan to prevent such a catastrophe in the future. As the ruling bodies of each race were formed anew, dragons secretly placed themselves in positions of power within them. For many years, their identities were kept hidden, and slowly they increased their influence and power over the people and lands they controlled. Eventually, they revealed their true identities, and solidified their hold over the races.

They were met with mixed reactions. For the most part, many felt betrayed by the dragons actions and refused to submit to dragon rule. A few welcomed them as their leaders for their abilities to protect them, the world was quickly divided. The other races were crippled by the war with Be’lal, and some couldn’t resist the rule of the dragons. The dragon’s dominance was harsh and overwhelming, for after witnessing the other races weaknesses in overcoming the voice of evil, they vowed to assume complete control over “lesser” beings.

The only races that were “spared” were eladrin and tieflings. The tieflings were in no condition to unite, and after Be’lal’s fall, were scattered across Corethandar. The dragons failed at infiltrating the eladrin infrastructure, and the eladrin have thus all retreated into the feywild, for none has been spotted in the last fifteen years.

Some dragonborn refused to submit to dragon rule, however, they weren’t accepted or trusted among the other races anymore, and soon defected to the dragons and their cause.

It wasn’t long until the elves fought back and with their combined might, slayed the dragon that assumed control over them. The dragon’s forced rule violated every aspect of elven ideals, and they resisted with all their might.

In the dragon’s arrogance, they believed that even though the elves helped them defeat Be’lal, no race could be left alone for fear of the world being torn again. War once again broke out across the land.

Unlike any conflict see before, the elves and the dragons entered a new war that pitted the two against each other. A war of ancient magics, battle once again consumed Corethandar.

Today, the war has been ravaging the world for fifteen years. There is no neutral, there is no in between. The world is split in two, for none can escape the wrath of the elves and the dragons…


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